The company CHOFFEL FLUIDES COMPAGNIE, whose name is registered in France, as well as name CHOFFEL FLUIDS COMPANY, is the company which produces the Fruit juice ONE ORN, mixture of juice of oranges and white grape juices, 100 % pure juice, in 3 contains.
The ONE ORN mark is registered in Europe, USA, Canada, Namibia, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Australia.
The construction of the factory will be done in Fos-sur-mer, Bouches-du-Rhone (13) in France.
The sale of the product will be done in great distribution, retailers, and in the companies of trade diffusing in restoration.
The operations to create the company began in 1997.
We seek an investment to build the capital of the company, whose total amount is 9 (Nine) million euros.
In the future will be a secondary activity of containers rental, and an exceptional activity of holding investments. We are in Delaware since 2005.
Two in one
Our founder : Eric CHOFFEL
World trading company (EDISUD AFCHAIN)
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
+33 (0)4 91 57 06 38
Address :
108 west 13 th Street, Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A
113 Rue Edmond Rostand
Bouches du Rhone
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